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I stood on the banks of this shore one early morning while on a mission trip to a tiny little village in Belize while there on a mission trip. I was feeling useless and out of place with the church group I went with. As I stood on the shore with the cool breeze blowing over me I asked God to just give me a glimpse, a peek, if you will, in to what my purpose was here. He surprised me when I heard a little voice in my heart say, “Though you may think you are here to help these women, you are here that I may bring peace and healing  to you.”<a href="http://Peek“>


sun on lake





We are a desperate people here on this earth.


Last night I was on the Internet researching. As a person with an issue with focusing this can be exhausting because every page I went to had a link that took me to another page with a link and then another.

This venture always reminds me how much I love books, not the audio kind but the kind with real pages; pages with history. The kind of history that has the markings of others that have held the book and maybe underlined or highlighted a sentence or two, perhaps smudged a bit of chocolate or dropped a hot ash from a cigarette, cigar, pipe etc. Sometimes there is even a dog-eared page here and there or words written on the sides of a page. To some this is distracting; to me it feels like community.


My journey last night on the Internet revealed how desperate we are.


So many of us are searching for answers. We want cures, we want wisdom, we want help because we don’t trust the doctors, or the teachers, or the pastors, the leaders; the ones in days of old we looked to for guidance.


As I searched for answers, I found that most sites that started with “how I overcame” statements ended with a product that promised to fix or heal. Or, if you have time, you can register for a free online class that promises to reveal a secret.

The pages start out with a video or a lot of words that sound like well-versed research on the topic.

I accept that some of these are from people that truly have overcome things in their lives and they truly want to share to help others. Sometimes their issue led them to research because conventional means were not an option due to lack of finances. The problem is that they eventually make their information out of reach to others because they start charging for it or creating products to sell that are way to expensive for the average person to buy. The desperate, hopeful person will go in to debt in hopes that this will finally be the answer to their problems.


So desperation leads to searching, searching may lead to real or “promised” answers.


I went to bed VERY discouraged and feeling a bit down on myself for buying in to some of these “answers”.


When I woke up I was still thinking about it. I decided I was going to unsubscribe from many of the places I get emails from.


I then went to my little space in my house where I read my Bible each morning and this is where I found some solace. I picked up the book that I could hold in my hand, the book with the worn pages and the coffee stains and the dog eared pages and the writing in the sides and the highlighted passages and I asked my Creator to enlighten me. I asked God to help me sift the lies from the truth. I asked God to light the path where my feet should land. I asked to help me find joy in the gifts here on this earth and the answers to my issues with things that are not complicated.

I don’t want to be ignorant and naïve but I also don’t want to live with these fears anymore. I want a reboot, a start over, a life cleansing; I want to cold turkey from life as it is.

Enlighten me Oh God that I may see as you see, love as you love, and shake off the cares of this world that I may better engage in life as you have designed it.<a href="http://Enlighten“>


It’s delightfully quiet now; both in my heart and outside.

The air is just cool enough that I’m comfortable sitting outside.

I have my coffee (yes I am still drinking it)

Nature is on its normal course with the birds flitting to and fro. The only difference this morning is that I am at peace for the moment as I try to just be.

I am here in the moment and the anxious committee in my head is still sleeping.

By the way, for the last two nights I have put lavender essential oil on my feet and I think it has immobilized the talking heads that sometimes keep me awake or wake me up at night.

Back to peace.

I read every morning from the Bible and most times I am just looking at words because I am distracted by my anxiety (fear for what lies ahead in my day).

I am currently reading the Psalms and it amazes me how similar the thoughts and feelings of the writer so closely remind me of my own. It gives me hope to read them because it reminds me everyday the awesomeness of my Creator.

He does not send death nor sickness-we have created the environment that causes death, sickness, trauma, and sorrow through the desire to make life easier. Technology and greed have disrupted our Garden of Eden resulting in weather occurrences and machines and disease that kill and maim.

I watched a video on YouTube called urban agroecoloy. This family grows 6000 lbs. of food on 1/10 of an acre in the city. They grow almost all their food; have chickens, goats, and ducks among other animals. They use solar and pay only $12 per month for electricity and make their own biodiesel fuel for their cars (they get free used oil from restaurants). They make about $20,000 per year from their produce and use that money to buy the food they can’t grow, like wheat. They are vegetarians, no microwaves, and their juicer is hand cranked. They do canning, have bees for honey and only eat what’s in season. That to me sounds like the Garden of Eden we were meant to live in. The Dad calls it their (his family) road to freedom.

I look out at my yard and can envision it here. (:

I started this blog in the morning but had to dash out for the demands of this life.

My day started with the peace of the early morning and now 6.5 hours later it is with me again as I sit in my backyard and write. I have about an hour left of peace and freedom from anxiety.

I sit and enjoy the company of my two therapists (my dogs) and the occasional hummingbird that visits to have some sugar water.

My soul is still. No TV, no noise, no social media, just the nature that nurtures my weary soul as I gather up and breath deep breathes of serenity. I savor these moments because it is here that I find healing, answers and hope.

I learn more and more each day how I  receive words from others through a filter of anxiety that often lies. It’s like having a bad interpreter. I am trying to catch myself and take control of the interpretation. I honestly believe the years I spent smoking pot left me with a bit of paranoia and when added to anxiety and insecurity…well, what I hear others say and think they do may not always be accurate.

In the midst of an anxious moment it feels like I have a big tangled spider web of thoughts and words and they are all struggling to break free to be the spoken word that comes out of my mouth or be the thought that takes over. So, if you are asking someone with anxiety to make a decision-picture their brain being a tangled spider web and give them a break when they can’t make a decision.

My husband is a logical black and white person. He has finally learned that when he asks me to make a decision that I am going to defer to him but he still asks just in case.

I’m feeling grateful that I don’t have any close friends at this point in my life. It’s hard enough dealing with the people I do have to deal with. Each day I am hoping to grow out of this mess and become stronger internally so that when I do venture out to make friends I can have a stronger foundation of confidence.

I feel content and I am happy for the moment but dang it’s getting hot out here so I will sign off for today.

Halo? Hellacious?


This journey of recovery has taken me down some VERY interesting paths but at the end of the day they all lead to the same place. The following is just my opinion.

I’ve come to the fork in the road, the kind with more than two directions and no matter which one I go down it APPEARS to end at the same place. They all seem to be connected.

In reading about co-dependency, anxiety, and addictions, a new word has entered the picture: narcissism. When I take the path of co-dependency it leads me to the very familiar place of anxiety. When I read about addictions it ends up at anxieties front door. As any of you that have had a relationship or have known someone that appears to be a narcissist you may not believe what I am about to say but many of his or her actions are a result of anxiety. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that if you suffer from anxiety that you are a narcissist. This is my journey of discovery and I am looking at all avenues to get better.
I currently have 2 people in my life that have been described as narcissists. They both have huge hearts and love to give. They are both very controlling and manipulative and know how to make you feel like you are the slime of the earth.
They both can rage in a manner that would make even the fiercest king of the jungle retreat back to its lair. They are both very insecure but for people that don’t know them well you would think that they are perfect. They need you to think they are perfect. They have all the answers and present themselves as having all they need and that they have everything in order.
Their insecurity creates the anxiety that propels them to appear perfect and in control. Would a narcissist fit the description of being co-dependent? Well, codependents are very self-serving. Many of them seem to be very saintly, in fact, sometimes it even seems they are wearing a halo.
Now, behind closed doors, that is where all the pressure they put on themselves is released.
I was reading about co-dependents in a book by Melody Beattie. As she was describing the Karman Drama Triangle, I could clearly see how these 2 people work their way through the triangle. Rescue, persecute, victim. Since they feel like they are god and have all the answers they will “help” even though they really don’t want to and then they will persecute because the added pressure they put on themselves and then when anyone gets angry with them for persecuting they will retreat into the victim role. How did this all get started…anxiety. I have to do better, be better, seem perfect, and be perfect. Melody says it this way, “However, at the heart of most rescues is a demon: low self-worth. We rescue because we don’t feel good about ourselves. Although feelings are transient and artificial, care-taking provides us with a temporary hit of good feelings, self worth and power. Just as a drink helps an alcoholic temporarily feel better, a rescue momentarily distracts us from the pain of who we are. We don’t feel lovable so we settle for being needed. We don’t feel good about ourselves, so we feel compelled to do a particular thing to prove how good we are. We rescue because we don’t feel good about other people either.”

Right, OK so most narcissist’s demand that they be served, that they be taken care of. In fact it’s probably narcissists that the codependents are taking care of. Here’s a challenge. Try to notice when and who you might see a narcissist helping.

Here is a description I read on a blog:
“You help and you do favors and you struggle to say no, because you don’t want people to be mad at you. Yes, your self-confidence hinges on the well-being of others, but at the end of the day, people pleasing is in service to yourself. People-pleasing—even the Christian kind—is ultimately about you. And soon “you” becomes your focus. Your reason. Your basic motivation. That is my story. The seemingly benign desire to be a nice Christian girl had planted seeds, and put down roots, which grew into a pernicious self-focus. What appeared to be Christ-centered was, at its core, self-centered. My problem wasn’t people-pleasing. My problem was self-focus.”
So what appears to be a halo is actually hellacious. It’s self-seeking, self-rewarding. I’m not thinking about that when I’m doing it but in the end it is about me. It’s about self-preservation and reducing the anxiety.
There is definitely a difference between helping and care-taking (rescuing). I’m still learning the difference.
Are all codependents narcissists? I don’t think so. Are any codependents narcissists? Possibly. Of course I look at me first. Do I fit all the qualities of a narcissist? No. I don’t rage and persecute others, but I do rage at myself. I turn it inward. I punish myself. Do I help others in order to feel better about myself-not always. Do I do things for others because I feel they are incapable-sometimes. Do I feel like I have all the answers? I feel like I have to have all the answers. Do I get upset if someone criticizes me-yes the mama bear in me comes out to protect my very fragile self-esteem. But it’s because I do try so hard to be perfect.
Although it’s said that narcissists are very egotistical I think it’s a façade they have worn for so long they have come to believe it. I think they are much like the beast in Beauty and the Beast. They have had people in their lives that have catered to them, out of fear, for so long that that is what they expect and demand. They have learned how to manipulate and control their environment in order to ward off anxiety.
What I do know for myself is that many of the actions I do or don’t take that later cause me grief are motivated by anxiety. The anxiety of impending rejection, abandonment, and criticism…the list goes on and on. I have also come to learn that my anxiety lies to me ALL the time and that the fear that arises is totally unwarranted.
So, for me I will continue to research, look at possibilities, look inward to reveal the demons so I can kick them the hell out of my life. I will continue to seek out alternatives to medicine to increase my serotonin levels. I think anxiety has been hiding in the shadows of so many other mental illnesses that it needs to be brought out for what it is so that it can be destroyed. For me, I want to unzip the cloak of anxiety that’s attached itself to me as a second skin and walk in freedom.


I’ve heard it said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
I need to add a bit of a tag line on to that….but not always.

This good intention has actually lead to the beginning of my redemption.

I started this blog with the good intention of addressing addictions and a source of help for those involved with addictions in some form or another. That’s still my intention-eventually. It has sort of evolved into a blog about my road to recovery. Well to be honest it is now about my recovery. My blog title “Recover Me” was supposed to be generalized for all of us in whatever form of recovery we find ourselves in.

At this point in my recovery I have come to accept that I have a diagnosis of anxiety and I am co-dependent (although my understanding is that the mental health field is getting away from using that term).

I have come to accept that I am where I am today because of anxiety and that I am not the only one in the world that struggles with feeling like I am “different” than the rest of the world.

I was watching a video of Dr. Kelly Brogan regarding anxiety. She is a holistic psychiatrist in Manhattan.

She said over 100,000,000 million prescriptions per year are filled for anxiety medications.

She described anxiety as a sense of discomfort in your own skin, a sense of unease and that you feel you can’t meet needs.

That’s me for sure. I think the last part is what developed the co-dependent part of me. When people are talking about a problem they are having or that something I suggested didn’t work or how someone else gave them “the best advice, present, help, etc” I feel I have to be better, do better, make it better. This leads me into a tailspin of how can I help, what could I have done better, I have to fix this, why wasn’t mine good enough. In other words, I get very anxious.

She also talked about a new division on mental health called psychoneuroimmunology. It says the immune system, brain, gut and hormonal system are all related and must all be looked at when addressing symptoms. She went on to say that the root cause of anxiety is linked to blood sugar imbalance, thyroid balance (I have underactive thyroid) , and food sensitivities.

Before I get to what she suggested I want to be transparent with one of my panic episodes. I’m not saying we all have the same issues with anxiety but I’m sure there must be others that have had similar experiences. If we can begin to recognize that some of our thoughts are the irrational interpretation of life at the moment that’s brought on by our anxiety then we can begin to try to take a moment to think before we act.

When I was a child my father loved to go to the beach and therefore alot of time  was spent at the beach. My family learned to love the ocean as well. Often my mother would takes the six of us to the beach with one of her friends. (When my Dad was working). I was the youngest of six so when we went to the beach my older siblings would venture off into the water with their friends. While my mother was involved in conversation with her friend I would wander off to the water. As a 5 year old I did not understand the power of a wave and current and  would eventually get pulled under into what I now refer to as “the spin cycle”. When I finally arose from the torrent I wanted nothing more than to run to the my family. Oddly enough the spin cycle carried me far enough way from the point I entered the water that my family was nowhere in sight. My thought was that everyone went home.

The summer before I entered 3rd grade my family and I were traveling to Morocco because my father was stationed there. We got on a train in Spain to get to our next destination. There wasn’t enough room in the compartment my mother was in for me to be there so she told me to step into the next compartment and she would come and get me when we arrived. I must have fallen asleep on the bench I sat on because the next thing I knew the number of people in my compartment had doubled and I could no longer see my mother or any of my brothers and sisters. I got up and people were staring at me and talking but I did not understand due to the foreign language. Again, I thought I would never see my family again.

As a result of these and other experiences like it, I have issues with abandonment. I tend to get panicky (anxious) with arguments and losing sight of people when out on an excursion or vacation. I can tend to be a bit overprotective and clingy.  So, as a co-dependent I do not like confrontation and do not do well with people in emotional pain (unless it is a non related person). My first priority with related people is to avoid confrontation so that they don’t leave me and to alleviate everyone’s pain so they always come to me and never abandon me.

When I can realize that the irrational thoughts and potential reactions are anxiety based I have a better chance of looking for the healthy response and reaction.

Now for Dr. Brogan’s initial suggestions

Eliminate coffee. Did I get that right. That in itself raises the sleeping anxiety dragon. I did it before for about 6 months or maybe a year but I did it by choice and now I am being told.  For some reason that makes it different. That will be a hard one. She also suggested a really weird breathing exercise.  I’m really not big on this kind of activity but hey why not, it’s worth a try. I just hope no one catches me doing it.

One of my own practices as I spoke of before is I made an essential oil blend and just smelling it makes me happy so I know it is at least releasing some of my own happy hormones.

OK, so I am listening to my logic side that tells me I don’t need to keep writing so that I get EVERYTHING in here.

See you next time!

Leave a comment if you’d like about your own experiences. Or you can email me at

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Cloudy but not Clueless Anymore

Staring so hard that it feels like if I continue I will fade into a dimension that will take me away from the conflict within me.

My brain says that I am very very sad and stressed and anxious. So sad that my heart is crying, no it’s sobbing, but there are too many layers between my heart and my eyes so the sobbing stays shut within my heart.


Which came first

Did the anxiety cause the weakness known as co-dependency or did the co-dependency rob me of the serotonin necessary to keep anxiety at bay.

Did the anxiety cause the addiction or did the addiction cause the anxiety.


Was I born with a predisposition to anxiety or did the conditions I grew up in create an anxious heart within me.


As I venture backwards, I move forward.

I was told one time that I didn’t need to try to figure out why I am the way I am, why I think the way I think, and do the things I do.

But when new words are added to my personality description, I need to know when and why it happened.

I must tell you that when one feels SO abnormal, it’s imperative to know.


With my new diagnosis of anxiety and having tried to fight it, I have found that by accepting it, I have chosen to learn more about it.


I have learned that co-dependency and addiction are common by products of anxiety. Lets just say they are BFF’s. They are besties.

When you have anxiety and you don’t know it, all you do know is that you aren’t the same as everyone else. The struggle to try to fit in is exhausting.

I misinterpreted people’s intentions, words, and actions and as a result I alienated myself.

I avoided parties unless I was high. I made very poor decisions, left jobs, self sabotaged.

Going to parties and social events sober I feel very awkward and I can usually be found helping to clean and replenish empty appetizer trays or doing something productive, I am not at all well versed in the art of small talk

I listened to the lies that told me I was less than everyone and therefore had to do more, be more.


When the nurse psychiatrist told me it was anxiety I had and not ADD, I was furious.

My whole purpose in going to see her was to get meds for ADD.

I know now that it’s not an inability to focus, (ADD) it’s choosing to focus on the hundreds of thoughts clouding my brain while I am trying to listen to someone or learn something, or clean the house. Wait, did I just say clean the house.

I know about the house cleaning because once when my husband and I were trying to get our house ready for an open house, he had 3 rooms vacuumed and dusted and I was only halfway done with one room.

It looks like this: I’m in the bathroom getting ready to clean the sinks-oops no cleaner. I go in the kitchen to get my homemade cleaner and it’s almost empty so I have to go to the laundry room to get my baking soda. While in the laundry room I see the mop and my dusting rags. Now I have to figure if I should dust first or vacuum. Oh yeah, I was hoping to shampoo the carpets. I should probably do that now so there will be time for the carpets to dry. Well wait, I should throw a load of laundry in so that can be going while I am shampooing the carpets.

Yup, that’s how it works. Can you relate, Can I get an “amen sister”.Are you exhausted yet?



So yeah, I quit using over 30 years ago but took on a co-dependent lifestyle to manage the underlying culprit…anxiety


People saw me as compassionate, empathetic, so helpful, nice, sweet. You’d think a person with a description like that would have a lot of friends. Nope, no bff’s, no besties. Well that is not exactly right, I am married so I do have a best friend. Oh yeah, and I do have my dogs that love me SO unconditionally.


Since starting a group at work and getting involved in the world of essential oils I have begun to notice personality traits of successful people. Now, I’m a not saying they are the definition of normal but they are highly functioning individuals.

What I am finding out is that it takes hard work, DISCIPLINE, and sacrifice.

It takes focusing on ONE thing at a time and making lists and being organized.


Having anxiety is not conducive to being disciplined, organized, and focusing on one thing at a time. But, I have found some essential oils that I am going to start experimenting with to help me with focus and clarity.


Now that I know what I know I feel a bit liberated but know I have a long way to go.

I still have triggers that absolutely paralyze me, areas I drive by that bring back vivid memories and make me feel sick but the knowledge I have gained so far gives me a something stronger to hold on to. The tiny little thread that was holding me up is beginning to look a bit more like a solid rope that won’t unravel and drop me into the deep dark abyss.


cropped-cropped-cropped-img_03771.jpgThis picture  is obviously a picture of a man  at the beach.

I went to California on a vacation with my husband and one of my dogs, the only dog we had left. We were planning to have both of our dogs with us but our beautiful Daisy girl passed just weeks before. She had liver problems and while we were waiting for our vet to come to our house and let her go peacefully, she passed with her head on my husbands lap. She wanted it to be a private passing. It was as if she knew and she wanted only family around.

Sadly we drove to California with our other dog Precious. She was definitely in mourning along with us. She was normally a very active dog in the car but this time she sat quietly in the back on the little bed we put there for her.

We got to our rental; it was a nice place with  french doors that opened on to a patio where we could sit or brush the sand off our feet before going inside. Precious would sit here and stare out the window. Almost like she was waiting for Daisy to appear.

There was a larger patio about 30 yards away that we could sit at and watch the surf. I sat there quite often and stared out into the ocean looking for answers.

I also did a lot of walking. That’s what I do-that’s who I am, I am a walker. I walk when I am anxious, angry, happy, sad. I walk to get into my space; away.

So, I am walking one day with my husband and our dog Precious. I see a man in a long black trench coat with black pants and black shoes. It appears he is standing on a ledge that drops in to the ocean. He is standing there and letting the waves break against him and drench him from head to toe. It appears he is going to let the waves pull him into the ocean and carry him out to the sea. He just keeps staring, looking out into the endless horizon. Wave after wave keeps crashing over him and drenching him. He doesn’t even lift his hand to wipe the droplets off his face. I stared at him as he stared at the ocean. At first I thought he was attempting to end his life  I realized he was just in his world of whatever created the need to be washed by the ocean. He was there again the next day and the next day. I was alone the last day that I was walking and I stopped behind him. I didn’t want to interrupt him so I just stood and watched the waves with him, behind him, as I looked out into the ocean for answers. He turned to me and asked me if I was enjoying the surf. I said, “yes, I really am”.  I turned around and a mother and her son were stopped in a car staring at the man in the long black trench coat. She mouthed the words. “is he ok?”  I mouthed back, “yes, I believe he is.” This was the 3rd day I saw him out there in the same long black trench coat, with the black pants and the black shoes. This was his daily ritual. The next morning my husband, myself, and our dog Precious went down to the beach by our rental and allowed the wind to carry some of our wonderful Daisy out into the salty sea air and into the ocean. That was three years ago but I think about this man often. I have pictures of him in the room I call our beach room; it is a guest room. I’m not sure why but I do think about him. I try not to imagine who he is or what his story is but I do. What intrigues me most is that normally I would have gone up to a person like this and asked if he was okay. For some odd reason I knew that that would be a violation of some sort of unwritten rule.

I  envy his ability to stand out there like that and not care about what anyone might think about it. I want to go back and stand in his spot and let the waves drench me from head to toe and wash away my weaknesses, my sorrows, my hurts, and my past that tries to make me believe I am worthless.

Today, I am focusing on trying to find an answer for a problem that does not belong to me but is creating so much anxiety and fear that I feel like I am trapped with no way out.

I have always been able to find a way but this time it seems impossible and I don’t feel like I can handle the outcome by letting it happen. The emotional pain is excruciating. I am praying for answers and a solution. You see the problem is not mine but is so closely related to me that the fallout will affect me.

And here I sit at what feels like rock bottom again but this time it’s not because of a chemical addiction and again I feel very alone.




So having been verbally, mentally, and emotionally abused and rejected by people with addictions, you might think I would be inclined to write a blog bashing them.

Not only the above but lied to, manipulated and of course they stole things-valuable things.

I should be angry, bitter, filled with resentment towards them….but I don’t.

You might think that I am a fool or pathetic or that I’ve lost my mind.

That’s ok, that lets me know you just don’t get it. Today, that is ok with me.

I’ve learned passing judgment is a waste of time and energy.

Do you know their real story, what makes them act, react, use, abuse? Have you walked in their skin and in their mind?

I’m not saying we should accept their evil ways; the hurt, pain, and stress they cause us. It’s NOT ok.

Sometimes what I want to is explain addicts to a society that only knows how to judge them.

I don’t know but today that’s what I want to do.

I don’t want to tell you this so that you feel sorry for the addict but maybe that the next time you won’t feel the need to judge.

Addicts sort of fall in an obscure dimension.

They aren’t considered mentally ill (although many of them do have a mental illness) or physically ill. They aren’t considered to have a disability.

If the addict comes forward and admits to their addiction, it often comes with shame and fear attached to it.

The shame comes from the judgment and the stigma attached to being an addict.

The fear comes from the ensuing pain as they withdraw and everything they have to face that they have been avoiding.

They feel trapped, alone SO LONELY.

It’s almost like they are stuck in a programmed autopilot; destination-self destruction.

What exactly is it that they really need

A friend would be good. I mean a real friend that knows how to love in a healthy way, with healthy boundaries. One that is willing to speak the truth in love (not anger). One that is willing to share life and not impose it. One that will never leave, forsake, or abandon them. One that will not tolerate abuse, manipulation, lying or any of their other unhealthy antics but will expose it when it is happening-again in love and not anger.

They have to know that you are safe.

They want stability.

Most of all they don’t need you to judge them or assume that you know what they are feeling, thinking, or what they want or need.

Believe it or not, they know what they are doing is wrong and most likely know what they should be doing but struggle with that on a daily basis.

I was married to an alcoholic, a VERY abusive alcoholic.

I didn’t know anything about alcoholism. I tried al-anon but I didn’t understand the program and no one there offered any information. I was so embarrassed, lost, confused. I didn’t know what to ask and by all appearances I should have known what I was supposed to do. I sat in a room where I saw women knitting, saying negative things about their spouses…same thing every meeting. I didn’t see that it was helping me at all so I stopped going. I tried another recovery program but my husband tore the workbook up and threatened me if I went back.

People don’t understand why women keep going back to their abusers. That’s a blog in itself and I will visit that.

I’ve learned a lot since that marriage. Yes, I did leave him eventually. It was more to protect our children. I knew they deserved better and feared for their future.

But, I’ve learned a lot about addicts and addictions.

As I’ve said many times about many things…I wish I knew then what I know now.

Maybe I can help some to never have to say that.